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How is your property performing?

When properly optimized, a Real Estate Investment in Kelowna, should perform as well as any other investment vehicle known to man. The challenge for many Kelowna rental property owners, is often in quantifying the return. Our licensed and certified investment advisor can plug your information into their property analyzer, and produce a detailed, easy to understand report, letting you know exactly where your property stacks up against our most successful investor’s portfolio.

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What is my property worth?

Sometimes selling a current property is the best option. You're in luck, we have a seller market on our hand. Are you curious what your home might sell for in today's market? Let Vantage West Realty Inc provide you with a free, over the net market analysis, to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Our story

Ever since I have been a landlord, I have longed for a management firm that would not only perform the core competencies of keeping units filled with quality tenants, coordinating maintenance items and basic accounting, but could provide the kind of objective insight and consulting around the investment side as well. After all, its not just about playing defense. Like most investors in real estate, I like to see a return and to grow my net worth and passive income. Why is the conversation with a property management firm never around the actual goal?