Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Kelowna Landlords
Preventative maintenance is an important part of managing your rental properties. Performing preventive maintenance tasks on a routine basis protects the condition of your rental property and helps you prevent costly repairs and maintenance issues in the future. It also lets your tenants know that you care about their comfort and safety, and you’re invested into keeping your property well-maintained.

Today, we’re discussing the most important things to pay attention to when creating a plan for preventative maintenance as property managers.

Property Management Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Follow this rental property maintenance checklist to keep your maintenance expenses low, improve tenant satisfaction, and uphold your end of the lease agreement.

With a formal preventive maintenance checklist in place, you’ll have a clear set of steps to follow at each maintenance interval.

We recommend documenting each one of your preventive maintenance inspections to better understand the condition of your property, identify trends, and make sure you don’t miss any steps.


Blow Out Your Sprinklers

As a property manager, you’ll need to winterize your sprinkler system to prevent freezing and damage. Blow out your sprinklers by clearing all the water from your sprinkler system with an air compressor and an air hose. Or, have your landscaping or gardening professional take care of this crucial preventive maintenance task for you. If you don’t take this important preventative maintenance step, you could compromise your irrigation system and be left with sprinklers that don’t work when it’s time to use them again. We have very cold winters. You need to be prepared for them.

Water can cause a substantial amount of maintenance headaches and costs at your home. When you’re done with the sprinklers, perform an inspection around the perimeter of your property. Look for drainage issues and potential problems. Clean your gutters so you’re sure there isn’t a lot of debris clogging them and allowing water to get into the house.


Water Damage and Leaks Inside the Home

On the interior of your property, look for signs of water damage. This might show up as stains on the ceiling or the walls. Check for leaks under every faucet and sink. If there’s moisture on any floor or surface, get to the reason why and have it repaired. You also want to check the shower and the tub for caulking. Inspect the grout between tiles and make sure there isn’t anything chipped or broken that can allow water to get into the subfloor. Flush your water heater, and inspect the entire unit for signs of rust or damage. Take a look at the age of that water heater. It’s better to replace it early than to have it begin leaking and be on the hook for emergency repairs.


Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance

Keeping the landscaping well-maintained enhances the property’s aesthetics and attracts quality tenants. Regular attention to grounds prevents overgrowth, potential hazards, and pest problems.


Safety and Habitability Issues

Part of preventative maintenance is keeping your home safe and habitable. Look for broken handrails, doors and windows that aren’t locking properly, and make sure you have enough exterior lighting.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Checks

Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly to make sure they’re functional and have fresh batteries. Regular safety device checks keep you in compliance with provincial regulations and reduce the risk of injury in the event of emergencies.


Inspect and Service HVAC Systems

professional inspectionOne of the most expensive systems in your property is the heating and cooling system. We’re always surprised when owners don’t want to invest a couple hundred dollars to have the HVAC system inspected and serviced once or twice a year. Having a professional technician take a look at it will save you thousands in repairs and extend the life of your heating and air conditioning source. In addition to having it inspected annually, make sure you’re changing the filters in your forced air systems. Talk to your tenant about the frequency in which this needs to occur.


Electrical System Maintenance

Regular checks on electrical systems help identify potential hazards like faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, or outdated fixtures. This reduces the risk of electrical fires, ensures tenant safety, and maintains energy efficiency.


Pest Control Inspections

Regular pest inspections help identify and address potential infestations early on. Proactive pest control measures can prevent damage to the property and maintain a healthy living environment. Preventive pest control strategies include sealing entry points, landscaping & trash maintenance, and proper sanitization.


Roof and Gutter Inspection

Checking the roof and gutters prevents water damage and leaks. Timely repairs or cleaning can extend the lifespan of the roof and protect the property from potential structural issues.


Security System Maintenance

Regularly testing and maintaining security systems ensures the safety of the property and its occupants. Check that your window and door locks, security cameras and alarm systems are all functioning property to deter criminal activity and provide peace of mind for both you and your tenants.


Documentation of Preventive Maintenance Records

Keeping detailed records of all preventive maintenance activities is essential for tracking the property’s overall condition, complying with regulations, and demonstrating due diligence in case of legal issues. To simplify this process, consider using property management software with preventive maintenance checklists built in.


Wrapping Up Your Property Management Maintenance Checklist

These are just a few of the things you need to pay attention to when you’re maintaining your home. Preventative maintenance is important to us as long-term investors and professional property managers. Having a comprehensive preventive maintenance checklist on hand helps us manage each new property with ease.

If you’d prefer to be less hands on with your rental properties, please contact us at Vantage West Property Management – Kelowna’s top-rated property management firm and the winner of 2 consecutive Consumers’ Choice Awards.