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Effective tenant communication is the cornerstone of a successful landlord-tenant relationship.

As a team of professional property managers at Vantage West Property Management in Kelowna BC, we know the pivotal role that effective communication plays in fostering positive relationships with current and prospective tenants.

In this guide, we will explore the 5 dos and 5 don’ts of landlord-tenant communication to ensure a harmonious and successful relationship with your tenants.

Keep reading to learn our top landlord tips for property owners:


“Dos” For Communicating With Tenants

1. Clear and Timely Communication:

Do prioritize clear and timely communication with current and prospective tenants. Respond promptly to tenant inquiries and provide information concisely and understandably. Timely responses demonstrate professionalism and respect for your tenants and avoid confusion down the road.

A close up of a clock's face with the minute hand just after 10 to indicate timely communication.


If a tenant sends an email inquiring about a maintenance request or a repair request for the property, respond promptly with acknowledgment and a clear timeline for when the issue will be addressed. For instance, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our maintenance team will be on-site to address the issue within the next [blank] hours. We appreciate your patience.” Provide a timeframe when possible, too.


2. Use Multiple Communication Channels:

Do embrace various communication channels. While emails are standard, consider using other platforms such as text messages or property management apps for quick updates. For example, our property management team uses Property Meld as a communications app with our renters. This flexibility accommodates diverse tenant preferences and will help you to keep quality tenants longer.

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In addition to sending lease renewal information via email, consider sending a friendly text reminder: “Hi [Tenant Name], just a quick reminder about your lease renewal. Please check your email for the details, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about renewing the rental lease.”


3. Establish Open Lines of Communication To Improve Tenant Relations:

Do create an environment where tenants feel comfortable communicating with you. Encourage them to report issues promptly and express their concerns. An open line of communication fosters trust and ensures that problems are addressed before they escalate.

A man in a white shirt with his back turned holds a cellphone to his ear while he makes a call outside on a sunny day.


During move-in, express openness: “Welcome to your new home! If you ever have questions, concerns, or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to ensure your living experience is comfortable and enjoyable.”



4. Provide Clear Lease Terms:

Do ensure that lease terms and policies are crystal clear. A comprehensive lease agreement can prevent misunderstandings and disputes. Clearly outline expectations regarding rent payments (including how and when to pay rent), maintenance responsibilities, and any specific rules for the property.

Example: A view of two pairs of hands as one signs a Lease Agreement while the other, the landlord or property manager, points at the document.

Clearly outline expectations in the lease agreement, e.g., “Monthly rent is due on the 1st of each month. Late fees apply after the 5th. Please review the attached lease for a comprehensive understanding of your responsibilities as a tenant.”


5. Regular Check-Ins:

Do conduct regular check-ins with your tenants. This can be as simple as a brief phone call or a scheduled meeting to discuss any concerns or improvements. Regular communication helps build a positive rapport and allows you to address issues proactively.

Remember to always provide notice before doing any in-person check-ins or visits to the property. It’s not only important for maintaining a good relationship with your renter, but also legally required by your rental agreement in Canada. Entering a property without notice can be considered a tresspass.

A man in a business suit sits at a table with a laptop and a woman in business clothes across from him as they share professional real estate advice.Example:

Schedule periodic check-ins, e.g., “Hi [Tenant Name], we like to check in every few months to ensure everything is going well at the rental property. Can we schedule a brief meeting next week to discuss any concerns or improvements you’d like to see in the property?”


“Don’ts” For Communicating With Tenants

1. Ignoring Concerns:

Don’t ignore tenant concerns. If a tenant reports an issue in one of your rental properties, address it promptly. Ignoring problems can lead to frustration and damage the landlord-tenant relationship. Timely resolution demonstrates your commitment to maintaining the property.

Example: A photo of Frozen Pipes and outdoor tap on a rental property, a common issue for rental maintenance.

If a tenant reports a leak, don’t ignore it. Instead, respond promptly: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our maintenance team will be on-site tomorrow to assess and address the issue.”


2. Lack of Transparency:

Don’t withhold information. Be transparent about any changes or updates related to the property. Whether it’s a maintenance schedule or a rent increase, keeping tenants informed builds trust and reduces surprises.

A person signing a lease agreement at a desk (after reading the fine print obviously)Example:

Instead of surprising tenants with a sudden rent increase, provide advance notice (it’s also legally required!): “Dear tenants, we wanted to inform you that there will be a modest rent increase starting next year [Date]. We appreciate your understanding and are available to discuss any concerns you may have.”


3. Unprofessional Communication:

Don’t use unprofessional language or an overly casual communication style. Maintain a respectful and professional demeanour in all written and verbal communication with tenants. Professionalism is key to building a positive and lasting relationship with your tenants.

A close up of an apple iphone cellphone in a bright yellow case, with different emoji options opened in a text message.


Avoid unprofessional language, e.g., “Your rent is late again. Pay up or face consequences.” Instead, maintain professionalism: “We noticed your rent is overdue. Please ensure payment is made by [due date] to avoid late fees. If you’re facing challenges, let us know how we can assist.”


4. Inconsistency:

Don’t be inconsistent in your form of communication. Establish a consistent mode of communication and stick to it. This helps tenants know what to expect, reduces confusion, and fosters a healthy relationship.

Two people sit at a cafe table with an espresso cup, glass of water, brief case and notes on the table as they perform Careful tenant screening for a Kelowna rental.Example:

If your typical method of communication is via email, avoid sudden shifts to another platform without notice. Inconsistency may lead to confusion. For example, “Starting next month, we will primarily communicate through our online portal for all updates and announcements regarding the rental.”


5. Overlooking Tenant Feedback:

Don’t overlook tenant feedback. Actively seek and consider tenant feedback, whether it’s related to property maintenance issues or general living conditions in your rental homes. Listening to tenant feedback can foster strong relationships, while provide you with valuable insights to help improve your rental offering.

Example: A person's hand holds and pen and fills out a feedback and review form which has three statuses to choose from, including a green happy face, a yellow neutral face, and a red angry face.

If tenants provide feedback on needed improvements for the house or apartment, don’t disregard it. Acknowledge and address them with proper communication, e.g., “Thank you for your suggestions regarding common area lighting. We’re exploring options to enhance visibility and appreciate your input in making our community better for everyone.”



Effective Landlord Tips For Communicating With Tenants, And With Less Stress, in 2024

Effective landlord-tenant communication is the key to a successful professional relationship in Canada’s competitive rental market.

By embracing clear, timely, and respectful communication practices, landlords can not only avoid potential disputes but also create a positive rental experience for their tenants.

A young couple happily takes the keys to their new rental property as the new tenants

As real estate experts in Kelowna BC, we understand the nuances of Canada’s rental market, and we encourage landlords to prioritize effective communication for lasting success and strong tenant retention.

That’s why we use property management software like Property Meld, among other tools, to help with tenant communication and record keeping to provide more efficient and convenient channels to connect with our tenants.

A good property manager can help you with collecting rent, find the right tenants, marketing your rental, find and screen tenants, decision making when choosing a renter, conduct a credit check on prospective tenants, maintain great relationships with tenants, and make reduce the stress associated with managing a rental.

If you’re in need of a professional property manager for your rental homes, condos and properties, contact our team today to see how we can make managing your Kelowna rentals more effective, efficient and stress-free.

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