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Inspecting your Kelowna rental property is something you should do before a lease term, after a lease term, and at least once when a tenant is in place. You don’t want to inspect more frequently because your tenants will find this invasive, and they are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of the home as well as their privacy. However, not inspecting at all can lead to property damage or deterioration due to deferred or unreported maintenance issues. There could also be a lease violation you’re not aware of if you don’t get into the property at least once.

Here are some of the things we recommend when it comes to timing and conducting your rental property inspections in Kelowna.

Essential Inspections: Move-In and Move-Out Periods

Before your new tenants schedule a move-in day, you’ll want to conduct a complete and well-documented interior and exterior inspection to ensure everything is working the way it should. You don’t want tenants calling with repair requests a day or two after they take possession, and it’s important to turn over a property that’s in excellent condition.

During this inspection, check under sinks and behind toilets for potential leaks. Test appliances, faucets, ceiling fans, and window locks. Make sure there isn’t any evidence of pests and look at whether the landscaping is in acceptable condition. The goal is to document the condition of your investment property and to make sure there isn’t any maintenance that needs attention. Everything should be ready for occupancy.

After the lease period, the move-out inspection must be equally as thorough and well-documented. Use your move-in inspection report to detect whether any damage was left behind by a tenant who has just moved out.

Mid-Lease Inspections for Kelowna Renters

The mid-lease rental inspection serves two purposes:

  • You can look for and address any deferred or unreported maintenance in the property.
  • You can conduct a complete check to ensure the tenants are performing the way you expect them to.

During the maintenance portion of the inspection, check for leaks, look for safety and habitability issues, and make sure the locks work on doors and windows. Any minor repairs that are needed should be addressed right away. Schedule the work to be done and follow up with the tenants once those repairs are made.

Have a look at the HVAC unit, the electricity, and make sure the plumbing is working the way it should. Inspect the exterior of the property as well, including the roof and any outdoor space. Depending on when you inspect, it’s a good time to keep up with seasonal maintenance. Schedule a gutter cleaning and have professionals trim back any trees that may cause problems for the roof.

Inspecting while the property is occupied also provides another benefit: you can to talk to your tenants and make sure everything is okay. Check for lease violations, but try to use this as an opportunity to provide exceptional customer service to your residents.

These three inspections are the most critical for rental property owners in Kelowna. If you have a tenant who is causing problems or creating conflicts with neighbors, you might want to inspect more frequently to ensure things do not escalate.

home inspectionsInspections are often improved when conducted by experienced property managers. If you’d like any help with this or you have questions about Kelowna property management, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Vantage West Property Management.