Kelowna Property Management 101

Welcome to Property Management 101 from Vantage West Property Management. As Kelowna property experts with an experienced team of property managers in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, we know everything there is to know about property management to better help you and your rental property succeed.

From developing rental agreements to maintaining properties, our property managers will handle all the small details of managing your Kelowna investment property. But if you’re not familiar with property management companies and what we do, it can be hard to get the full picture of the types of services and how it fits with your Kelowna property. 

Keep reading for our expert guide:

What Is Property Management?

Property management is a specialized service from professionals that oversee the daily management of residential, commercial and industrial properties for property owners. There are a variety of types of management companies that specialize in different services and types of properties, from managing retail spaces and rental buildings to residential homes while owners are away, including:

  • Residential property management
  • Commercial property management
  • Industrial property management
  • Rental property management

Vantage West is a professional property management company in Kelowna that specializes in residential properties and rentals, however, we do offer a variety of management services for other types of properties.

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What Are Property Managers? 

Property managers are property management professionals that complete the daily tasks to maintain owners’ properties. Whether that’s creating documents & agreements, coordinating maintenance work, or communicating with renters and tenants, property managers complete a variety of tasks and services to keep your rental property in check.

We have a skilled team with excellent experience in property management if you have any questions about managing properties and property management in Kelowna.  

What Does A Property Management Company Do?

These companies complete a variety of tasks and work to ensure that property owners’ properties are not only looked after but are also returning value to owners. They are completing tasks like screening tenants, drafting rental agreements, organizing property maintenance, communicating with tenants on the owner’s behalf, creating financial reports, and more. Many provide other types of tailored services depending on their clients’ needs and wants, all with the goal to protect and maintain properties, and help owners earn more on their investment.

A woman in a blazer and jacket sits with another woman in a white sweater at a table while using a white laptop as she interviews the other woman to potentially become a new tenant. A property manager can help you find a new tenant, navigate Canadian rental laws and more. Find New Tenant Vantage West Property Management.

What Are Typical Property Management Services?

Typical management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Drafting agreements and documents
  • Screening tenants
  • Reviewing rental applications
  • Rental market research
  • Marketing for rental properties
  • Financial reporting for the rental property
  • Organizing property care & maintenance, property repairs and contractors
  • Move in/Move out property assessments
  • Handling communications between tenants and property owners
  • Collecting rent

Vantage West’s services include these and other important services to help manage your investment property.

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Do I Need A Property Manager For My Kelowna Rental Property?

Have a Kelowna rental property and wondering if you need someone to manage your investment? Not every property owner needs a property manager for their property, but we highly recommend them. Property managers can help ease the stress of managing a property with day-to-day tasks, and they can help you earn more on your investment property. From communicating with disgruntled tenants to organizing repairs, property managers are invaluable when it comes to taking care of your property so that you don’t have to. 

Of course, this comes down to your property, your needs, and finding the right property manager in Kelowna for you. Not every property needs a property manager, and not every property manager will be right for you. We offer a FREE rental analysis that provides expert information on your property and whether it would succeed in the Kelowna & Okanagan market. 

Have questions about our services or are you curious if we can help you with your property? Be sure to contact us to learn more about Vantage West. 

Vantage West Property Management Team

How Vantage West Can Help Property Owners & Landlords Manage Their Investments

If you’re looking for property managers in Kelowna with years of experience not only in rental management but also in the Kelowna real estate market, then Vantage West Property Management is the choice for you. Our property managers serve a variety of areas in the Okanagan, including Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton and Vernon. 

Learn more about our services and contact us today to see how our property management team can help you succeed in the Okanagan Valley.